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Low ESD (μη electrostatic shoes) footwear with glassfibre toecap and Zero Penetration puncture – proof midsole. Featuring an upper made of Action leather.
The PU/PU sole, thanks to its special tread pattern, guarantees a
draining effect in the presence of liquids and is characterised by high
mechanical and hydrocarbon resistance, while maintaining great
flexibility and softness. SR slip resistant. The Fly foam footbead in
polyurethane foam gives the shoe remarkable anti-shock properties.
Antistatic. The polyester lining has a high draining power due to the
high absorbing properties of the fabric and structure.

Main features:
– The modern and futuristic BASF polyurethane sole represents the synthesis of elegance and safety.
– Suitable in all situations of prolonged use, thanks to the antishock effect of the BASF material.

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The product has been designed and manufactured to comply with Regulation
(EU) 2016/425 and subsequent amendments.